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Jonathan C. Creasy is a poet, writer, and composer working across genres. His writing appears in The Irish Times, Poetry Ireland Review, The Stinging Fly, gorse, Los Angeles Review of Books, Dublin Review of Books, York Literary Review, and many other publications. His book of poems and essays, The Black Mountain Letters, is published worldwide by Dalkey Archive Press. The anthology he edited and introduced, Black Mountain Poems, is forthcoming from New Directions (NYC).

His work is included in the forthcoming anthology, Writing Home: The New Irish Poets (Dedalus Press).

Current works include collaborations on separate song cycles with Irish composer and member of Aosdána Benjamin Dwyer and New York composer Martin Nevin, who has been awarded the prestigious Jerome Fund Grant for New Music for his collaboration with Creasy. Creasy is also collaborating with Dwyer on large-scale works for film and stage.

Creasy is writing, producing, and directing (with Emmy-award winner Angela Kocherga) the feature documentary film, Almost Home: Explorations on the Border, with Irish producer Neil Guerin.

Creasy is co-author (with Benjamin Dwyer and Kimberly Campanello) and editor of the book, Imagines (2015). (See photos from the launch. Purchase Imagines.) He is also co-author and editor of the book Regarding Susan Howe (2015). He is currently co-authoring a book on the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College with Ulrich Schwarz and Thomas Lehner in Berlin. 

Creasy was a 2016 Lannan Writer-in-Residence, awarded by the Lannan Foundation

The Black Mountain Letters: Poems and Essays . Dalkey Archive Press, 2016

The Black Mountain Letters: Poems and Essays. Dalkey Archive Press, 2016

"The Black Mountain Letters is a rich and vivid portrait of one of the most original and pioneering educational ventures of the last century, as well as a fascinating personal narrative. Creasy captures the experimentation, the sense of community, and the atmosphere created by the small hive of brilliant artists, writers, and educators who flourished in the mountains of North Carolina when money was tight, conditions lean, and imagination the supreme force. At the same time, Creasy writes about his own mother and the mother-son link in a way that is deeply moving even to those of us who have never met either one; it is an account that resonates for everyone."

Nicholas Fox Weber, author of The Bauhaus Group, Le Corbusier: A Life, Director of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation



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Creasy has also written about the U.S.-Mexico border, reporting for The Irish Times and other publications. He is writing and co-producing a feature documentary on the U.S-Mexico and Irish borders with Emmy-award winning journalist Angela Kocherga and Irish producer Neil Guerin. Below are stills from a recent reporting trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas.


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works exhibited at the 2014 Black Mountain College {Re}Happening - North Carolina
(photographs by Astrid Kaemmerling)

Below: IMAGINES (2015) by Jonathan C. Creasy, Benjamin Dwyer, Kimberly Campanello, and Garth Knox
Book design: Rossi McAuley (Distinctive Repetition)